About Resender

Why Resender?
Resender app and parcelbox, also called mailbox, would not be required to develop and bring to market if all mail-related issues would be properly regulated in the entire chain. Unfortunately, it appears in practice that is not the case!

It starts at the webshop checkout, there you have to input in every webshop you visit all your data again such as personal, payment and delivery details. By buying at a marketplace, you need to pay in advance in most cases and then hope that what you ordered is also being supplied. You should be at home or go to a pick-up point for receiving your parcel. If you want to send a parcel, you have to go to a post office or drop-off point.

I believe that you have to manufacture products and/or services that contributes to a better world, easy and simply in use, but can look beautifully and sexy.

I believe that you as an e-shopper deserve more free time with your family, rather than spending time in each webshop checkout and always have to enter your data again, lose money to fraudulent sellers and waiting home/business for your delivery or go to a pick-up point for collection.