Let Us shape the future together!

You are aware that the future of our planet lies in our own hands and will have consequences for us and our legacy.

We want to contribute to that with the Resender system to reduce carbon emissions in the entire E-commerce chain and also by the use of recycled materials.
Do you want to help?

Of course investing is not without risk and you are fully aware of that fact, but also have the belief that Resender makes a substantial contribution and because among others you do not have to be home for receipt of parcels any more; returns from home and contribution reducing local traffic congestions, traffic jams and also good for your own pocket.

From a Foundation Administration Office, so called STAK in the Netherlands, will be free trading shares sold at a fixed initial amount per share.
STAK has a predetermined percentage of equity and control over Unimail BV

Possible shares starting from € 2.500,=